Drum Kit Tuition

With our Drum Kit Tuition you will learn the following:

  • The essential Snare Drum Rudiments
  • Drum Score Notation
  • Playing with Time Signatures
  • Styles of Drumming and Exercises

Styles include Traditional March Drumming, Swing, Jazz, Rock and many more.

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Teaching with Technology

Say goodbye to the overwhelming Drumming Text Books and achieve more utilizing our new Teaching methods.

As part of our Student Package, at no additional charge, we supply to each student a Portable USB storage device which the student will bring to each lesson.This will be an invaluable aid for practice at home. At the end of every lesson, the Drum Scores learned will then be copied & stored onto the students USB device. On the USB device will be: a Digital Copy of the Drum Score Sheet Music, Play along Audio Mp3 Files & Pre-recorded Audio Metronome files. For practice at home, simply plug the USB device into your USB socket on your Computer, once recognized, open the file containing the lessons learned & then transfer the files off the USB device onto a medium of your choice, for example: Mp3 Player / Smart Phone / Tablet. You may also choose to Print the Drum Scores given for for home work to better assist you whilst practicing.

Mobile Drum Kit Tuning

Be it for your gigs or just a new kit at home a well - Tuned Kit can make all the difference....

"let Drumtech's mobile service Come to You"

  • Only $55 / Kit

Note: new drum heads, not Included in price.



Free Audio Engineering Tuition to all Drum Kit Tuition Students who sign up for:

  • 1 Year @ 1 Session / Week for 48 days

  • 6 months @ 1 Session / week for 24 days

Ongoing Students will also receive:

  • Drum Stick carry bag "Fully Loaded"

  • Free Online Technical Support

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Audio Engineering Tuition

Audio Engineering Tuition Covers:

  • Electronic Signal Flow in an Audio Mixing Console
  • Audio Frequency and it's place in the Audio Spectrum
  • External Signal Processors and their application
  • Phantom Power, where and when it is applied
  • Microphone Placement (not limited to a Drum Kit)
  • The difference between Balanced and Unbalanced Signal
  • Correct Wiring of (XLR, RCA, PHONE TRS & TS) Plugs and Sockets
  • Correct Amplifier and Speaker Impedance matching
  • The difference between OMNI and UNI directional Microphones
  • How to configure a Patch Bay for Signal Processors



Technical support & Maintenance

We offer Technical Support for anything related to a Drum Kit, including:

  • Choosing what type of Drum-Head (Skin) to use on your Drum Kit.
  • Tuning
  • Cymbal options
  • Mechanical problems with Drum Hardware; Stands, Foot Pedals, Springs, Felts etc.


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